Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Season 12 NL South-State of the Division Report

Current rankings:
1.Richmond Flying Squirrels 43-48
2.Houston Panthers 41-50
2.Jackson BigAss Trucks 41-50
4.Huntington Coalminers 36-55

The Squirrels, currently in first, have seen only one winning season since year 2. The franchise was prime for a complete rebuild when taken over by Tonicawf, and are now seeing some fruits of the rebuilding efforts. With some nice pieces coming up over the next couple seasons, look for the Squirrels to challenge in the future.

The Panthers, after a 92 win season and a division crown, are currently tied for second after a slow first half.  Fueled by pitching, led by Manuel Ferrer, and offense, led by future HOF Darren Callaway, and wise leadership under Scotsmets, the panthers are poised for a second half surge.

The BigAss Trucks, currently tied for second, are seeking their first winning season since year 4. Since being taken over by Sjstapleton, the franchise improved to 71 wins last year and finished in second place.  With a healthy farm and skilled leadership, look for the Trucks to make waves in the future.

The coalminers, currently fourth, have seen a proud and storied past, including 8 division crowns, and two World Series wins.  DaddioThree continues the franchises current rebuilding efforts, and hopes to bring the glory back one day to the city of Huntington.

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