Friday, December 30, 2011

Meet OUDrew

OUDrew is another salty dog having been here all 13 seasons winning his division 3 times, the Wild Card 3 times, and was our very first World Series champion wwwaaayyy back in season 1.

Name: Drew

Age: 45

Marital status: Single (twice divorced) but happily living-in-sin at the moment.

Kids: Zero kids (but five cats)

Occupation: Accountant/controller...currently working for an HVAC (Editor's note: for those who dont know, thats means Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning :-) company in the Kansas City metro.

Do you know any J5B owners: I know Rondo (aka Steve)... we used to work together. He and I share a partial season ticket package to the...wait for it...Royals!

Favorite HBD moment: My favorite HBD AND J5B moment is when I won the first World Series in J5B. I freely admit I'm not the best HBD manager out there, but I sure as hell know more about how baseball operates than I did before playing. As Rondo and I keep telling ourselves, it's PRETEND baseball (some teenage girl in the basement of her mom and dad's house is taking all of our money).

Favorite J5B player: I don't really have a favorite J5B player, but I do enjoy the draft and IFA component of the game which allows you scrutinize the picks and then watch them progress through your system.

Favorite sports teams: The KC Royals (there are a few of us around here (Editor's note: keep the faith)).

Favorite band: Favorite band is AC/DC (or whoever is in concert and plays the loudest obnoxious music).

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet Tonicawf-The Editor Of Our Blog, And A Damn Fine American

I have been a part of J5B since season 9 and havent won a damn thing. I was almost voted off the island for not meeting the wins requirement in season 11.

Name: Aaron

Age: 35

Marital status: I'm married to my beautiful wife Gretchen.

Kids: We have 3 yr old daughter named Penelope with special needs.

Occupation: My brother Alex and I own a green building company in Philly we started from scratch with 10,000 dollars and a dream. Still going strong 6 years later (thank you Lord).

Do you know any J5B owners: I do not

Favorite HBD moment: I dont really have one. I made it to the WS in one of my other worlds, and got off to a 3 game lead but lost (still hurts).

Favorite J5B player: I guess my favorite player is Grant Kelly, my 22 yr old stud closer.

Favorite sports teams: Phillies baby! I was born in Florida, so I'm a huge Dolphins fan, I moved to Jersey 8 yrs ago, and was never really a baseball fan before moving, but I was listening to 950 AM ESPN radio in philly (now 97.5 FM the Fanatic), and developed a love for the Phillies when they were the Met's whipping boys, so its fun to see them so good now! (I'm glad Raul Ibanez is gone. and Brad lidge (thanks for 08')!). I HATE the Yankees. I've also developed a love for the Philadelphia Union. I'm a Florida State die-hard. I was in the Navy in the 90's, so I root for Navy in college FB as well as FSU.

Favorite Band: I was born in 76', so I'm a Generation Xer. Kurt Cobain (RIP) changed my life. I loved all the Seattle bands. My favorite band still alive has to be TOOL. I've seen them like 15 times. Other notable favorites: Deftones, Rage ATM, old Korn, old Incubus(the "science" album), Pixies, the White Stripes, I like Ray Charles, I LOVE Buddy Holly (the Kurt Cobain of the 50's). I listen to classical in the car when I feel the road rage coming (I hate the Betsy Ross bridge into Philly) to help me find my "zen" moment LOL.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meet Mcbain10

Mcbain10 is a founding father here in J5B having been here since the beginning. His Paw Sox have a storied past including 9 division titles, 4 WS appearances and were world champions in season 8.

Name: Keith

Age: 39

Marital status: Married

Kids: 2 young kids ages 1 and 2

Occupation: I am a financial analyst in Boston

Favorite HBD moment: Would have to be winning my first title with the Boston Red Sox in a game 7 blowout!

Favorite J5B player: Favorite player in this world is a toss up between Jarrod Duncan and Weldon Hughes.

Do you know any J5B owners: I do not know any owners in real life but am a big fan of OUDrew, solid owner.

Favorite sports teams: Like all the Boston teams, but love the Sox.

Favorite band: I dont really have a favorite band anymore, just listen to the radio. (I'm only a little ashamed to say I like Katy Perry.) I used to like all the 80's hair bands though, especially Poison. Pretty sad!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet Unluckycharm

This is Unluckycharm's first season in J5B.

Name: Colin

Age: 31

Marital status: Married (3 years)

Kids: 1 boy, Brody

Occupation: Formulation Chemist (Editor's note: though I dont know what that is, it sounds like you make a pretty penny at the end of the year!)

Do you know any J5B owners: I do not know any J5B owners.

Favorite HBD moment: My favorite moment in HBD is winning the World Series in seasons 1 and 3 in 23Mattingly23. I still go back from time to time to see how the players I drafted are performing.

Favorite J5B player: This is my first year in the league, so I'm not attached to any players at the moment, but the draft is coming up. I think we all pull for certain players even though we know that they might not be "big league players" or have all the particular attributes we want in a player but we hope our emotional investment in them will make all the difference.

Favorite sports teams: I have to cheer for the home teams, Bengals and Reds. I pull for the Red Sox as well.

Favorite band: All time, probably the Beatles (Editor's note: I'm listening to the White album right now "Happiness is a warm gun"). I can do just about anything old school, Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, anything 60's or 70's is great. New stuff I like The Shins, Muse, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Mudvayne, My Morning Jacket (Editors note: A really good friend of my wife manages Jacket, I've met them once.), Kings of Leon. My IPhone is a music cornucopia.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet Scotsmet

Scotsmet has been a part of J5B since season 5 and has won the NL South 2 times (Editor's note: Not this year if my Squirrels have anything to do with it!) and has made the post season twice as a Wild Card.

Name: Ross

Age: 46

Marital Status: Unmarried

Kids: No kids (hopefully!)

Occupation: I work in Pensions and Investments

Do you know any J5B owners: I do not know any J5B owners in real life (is this not real life?).

Favorite HBD moment: Taking the Panthers to the playoffs my first season after they finished 5th worst franchise (as Jackson) the year before.

Fsvorite J5B player: My man-Darren Calloway. You gotta love a guy that just hits the cover off the ball every season.

Favorite sports teams: Although I'm Scottish and live over in the UK, I'm a big Mets fan (Editor's note: As a huge Phillies fan, we will not tolerate any Mets fans here in J5B!) since I first saw them at Shea in '96. It's been pretty much downhill all the way since! Football-wise I'm a Seahawks fan.

Favorite band: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band-now up to 15 live shows including MSG and Paris and adding 2 or 3 in 2012. The Man's a genius-end of! I actually manage a Springsteen Tribute Band in my spare time and we got a gig with Joe D'urso, Willie Nile and Israel Nash Gripka coming up in Glasgow before Xmas (Editor's note: Cool!).

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meet Etillma

Etillma has been a part of J5B since season 9 and made the post season as a Wild Card in season 12.

Name: Erik

Age: 35

Marital status: Married

Kids: No kids, 1 dog

Occupation: Teacher

Do you know any J5B owners: I dont know any J5B owners in real life.

Favorite HBD moment: Winning a 1-run game 7 a few seasos ago to reach the world series in my other world.

Favorite J5B player: I haven't been around that long, so I'll go with Scooter Lee, my #1 pick in my first season and current staff ace.

Favorite sports teams: Alabama Crimson Tide. I'm a bigger college footbal fan than baseball, but HBD is so much better than GD. I grew up a huge Braves fan during the horrible 80's years (Editor's note: I was a huge Dale Murphy fan growing up, still my fav. player all time) and then during the great 90's run. I moved away from the south about 7 years ago just as the title run was coming to an end and guys like Glavine and Smoltz were leaving, and I kind of lost interest after that.

Favorite band: REM (Editor's note: loved Monster)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet Bufflosoldie

Bufflosoldie is a seminal owner in J5B having been here all 13 seasons. He made it to The Show in seasons 4 and 8 battling unsucessfully for the title(s).

Name: Aris

Age: 36

Marital status: Married

Kids: One kid

Occupation: Sales support for a not-for-profit

Do you know any J5B owners: No one in real life

Favorite HBD moment: Favorite in J5B? Two AL titles but no rings, but happy to make the dance at least.

Favorite J5B player: I miss you, Richard O'neill

Favorite sports teams: In real life, from Western Ny, so Bills and Sabres. Include also Manchester United and the U.S national team.

Favorite band: U2

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meet Hokiesno1

Hokiesno1 has been a part of J5B since season 5 and has won the NL West 4 times.

Name: George

Age: 45

Marital status: Divorced (no doubt because of HBD)

Kids: 2 kids

Occupation: Economic Consultant

Do you know any J5B owners: Don't know any J5B owners

Favorite HBD moment: When I signed Diego Sojo (Editor's note- Jeff had written a good post about Sojo. Also, Sojo was going to be mine, but I had the 1st pick in the draft and couldnt use all my prospect money on him. Bummer.) last season for a mere $28.2 million...and watched him go 24-0 in AA.

Favorite J5B player: Ronald Piazza-he was on my team in season 5 when I signed on and he was a monster for me. I only wish I could have gotten him his WS ring.

Favorite sports teams: Phillies, Flyers, Hokies, Tarheels and Eagles, in that order.

Favorite band: Favorite band is a tie between AC/DC and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Rangerup

This is Rangerup's first season in J5B.

Name: Sean


Marital status: Married

Kids: 4 year old daughter

Occupation: I am a writer, retired from my main occupation which was a baseball pitcher. (Editor's note-I asked Sean if he would tell us a little about his baseball career, and he shared the following: I pitched in the Cleveland Indians organization to AA ball. Right handed pitcher. Was a "almost had a shot" guy with good control, fastball, cutter, overhand hammer and changeup. Still play adult league baseball on a nationally ranked mens team. Cant give it up!).

Do you know any J5B owners: I do not know any J5B owners.

Favorite HBD moment: My favorite HBD moment was winning my first WS in NTC recently.

Favorite J5B player: I would say my fav player is Jaun Dominguez because he rakes!

Favorite sports teams: Die hard Raider Nation fan.

Favorite band: In my high school days....Def Leopard. Scored the chicks with it. College....Metallica. Current band? Nickelback if I had to pick.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet Diesel3184

Diesel3184 has been a part of J5B since season 12 and is a contributor to our blog (Editor's note: nice work Jeff).

Name: My first name is Jeff.

Age: I'm 25.

Marital status: I'm not officially engaged, but have been with my girlfriend for 2 years and marriage is our future plans.

Kids: No kids, but I have a dog, Randy, whom i treat like a son lol.

Occupation: I am a Physical Therapy Assistant, specializing in traumatic brain injuries. Although i would like to be a Firefighter and am starting my EMT course in January.

Do you now any J5B owners: I know Natedogg55, GM of the Boston Patriots. In real life, he is my brother.

Favorite HBD moment: Finishing last season 85-77 after starting 8-21 and just hoping I would win 50.

Favorite J5B player: My favorite player is Greg Eiland, Coyote's 2nd year RF. He finished 3rd in ROY voting season 12.

Favorite sports teams: My favorite sports team is the New England Patriots. I also love the Boston Bruins, and the Oakland A's. For the record, I liked them before Moneyball (the book) came out and I hated Moneyball (the movie) because it's inaccurate and stupid. Although Andy from Parks and Rec played an awesome Scott Hatteberg. I like the Boston Red Sox, but hate Sweet Caroline. I also love the U of Miami Football.

Favorite band: Even though I love to copy everything Nate does, I won't say 3EB...If i have to go with one, I'll say Angels and Airwaves. I loved Blink 182 and was ****ed when Tom left, so I was real interested in what AVA was all about and I have loved every album they've come out with.