Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meet Hokiesno1

Hokiesno1 has been a part of J5B since season 5 and has won the NL West 4 times.

Name: George

Age: 45

Marital status: Divorced (no doubt because of HBD)

Kids: 2 kids

Occupation: Economic Consultant

Do you know any J5B owners: Don't know any J5B owners

Favorite HBD moment: When I signed Diego Sojo (Editor's note- Jeff had written a good post about Sojo. Also, Sojo was going to be mine, but I had the 1st pick in the draft and couldnt use all my prospect money on him. Bummer.) last season for a mere $28.2 million...and watched him go 24-0 in AA.

Favorite J5B player: Ronald Piazza-he was on my team in season 5 when I signed on and he was a monster for me. I only wish I could have gotten him his WS ring.

Favorite sports teams: Phillies, Flyers, Hokies, Tarheels and Eagles, in that order.

Favorite band: Favorite band is a tie between AC/DC and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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