Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet Diesel3184

Diesel3184 has been a part of J5B since season 12 and is a contributor to our blog (Editor's note: nice work Jeff).

Name: My first name is Jeff.

Age: I'm 25.

Marital status: I'm not officially engaged, but have been with my girlfriend for 2 years and marriage is our future plans.

Kids: No kids, but I have a dog, Randy, whom i treat like a son lol.

Occupation: I am a Physical Therapy Assistant, specializing in traumatic brain injuries. Although i would like to be a Firefighter and am starting my EMT course in January.

Do you now any J5B owners: I know Natedogg55, GM of the Boston Patriots. In real life, he is my brother.

Favorite HBD moment: Finishing last season 85-77 after starting 8-21 and just hoping I would win 50.

Favorite J5B player: My favorite player is Greg Eiland, Coyote's 2nd year RF. He finished 3rd in ROY voting season 12.

Favorite sports teams: My favorite sports team is the New England Patriots. I also love the Boston Bruins, and the Oakland A's. For the record, I liked them before Moneyball (the book) came out and I hated Moneyball (the movie) because it's inaccurate and stupid. Although Andy from Parks and Rec played an awesome Scott Hatteberg. I like the Boston Red Sox, but hate Sweet Caroline. I also love the U of Miami Football.

Favorite band: Even though I love to copy everything Nate does, I won't say 3EB...If i have to go with one, I'll say Angels and Airwaves. I loved Blink 182 and was ****ed when Tom left, so I was real interested in what AVA was all about and I have loved every album they've come out with.

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