Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet Tonicawf-The Editor Of Our Blog, And A Damn Fine American

I have been a part of J5B since season 9 and havent won a damn thing. I was almost voted off the island for not meeting the wins requirement in season 11.

Name: Aaron

Age: 35

Marital status: I'm married to my beautiful wife Gretchen.

Kids: We have 3 yr old daughter named Penelope with special needs.

Occupation: My brother Alex and I own a green building company in Philly we started from scratch with 10,000 dollars and a dream. Still going strong 6 years later (thank you Lord).

Do you know any J5B owners: I do not

Favorite HBD moment: I dont really have one. I made it to the WS in one of my other worlds, and got off to a 3 game lead but lost (still hurts).

Favorite J5B player: I guess my favorite player is Grant Kelly, my 22 yr old stud closer.

Favorite sports teams: Phillies baby! I was born in Florida, so I'm a huge Dolphins fan, I moved to Jersey 8 yrs ago, and was never really a baseball fan before moving, but I was listening to 950 AM ESPN radio in philly (now 97.5 FM the Fanatic), and developed a love for the Phillies when they were the Met's whipping boys, so its fun to see them so good now! (I'm glad Raul Ibanez is gone. and Brad lidge (thanks for 08')!). I HATE the Yankees. I've also developed a love for the Philadelphia Union. I'm a Florida State die-hard. I was in the Navy in the 90's, so I root for Navy in college FB as well as FSU.

Favorite Band: I was born in 76', so I'm a Generation Xer. Kurt Cobain (RIP) changed my life. I loved all the Seattle bands. My favorite band still alive has to be TOOL. I've seen them like 15 times. Other notable favorites: Deftones, Rage ATM, old Korn, old Incubus(the "science" album), Pixies, the White Stripes, I like Ray Charles, I LOVE Buddy Holly (the Kurt Cobain of the 50's). I listen to classical in the car when I feel the road rage coming (I hate the Betsy Ross bridge into Philly) to help me find my "zen" moment LOL.

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