Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet Bufflosoldie

Bufflosoldie is a seminal owner in J5B having been here all 13 seasons. He made it to The Show in seasons 4 and 8 battling unsucessfully for the title(s).

Name: Aris

Age: 36

Marital status: Married

Kids: One kid

Occupation: Sales support for a not-for-profit

Do you know any J5B owners: No one in real life

Favorite HBD moment: Favorite in J5B? Two AL titles but no rings, but happy to make the dance at least.

Favorite J5B player: I miss you, Richard O'neill

Favorite sports teams: In real life, from Western Ny, so Bills and Sabres. Include also Manchester United and the U.S national team.

Favorite band: U2

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