Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Franchise

The franchise formally known as the Buffalo Sabres, is well positioned to contend in the AL North in season 16 and beyond. They have veteran leaders in place, like Humberto Rodriguez, Lonny Sardinha, & J5B all-time saves leader, Kane Durocher. Heading in to the prime of his career, Shortstop, Endy Lewis will be looking to build off his best season yet.

A few years removed from an ALCS appearance, Buffalo has been at the bottom of the AL North for a couple of seasons now. Although they've never been too far out of contention. With low finishes in the standings, comes higher draft position. The headliner among prospects in the organization is Pat Perisho. Coming off a Cy Young award at the AA level in season 15, Perisho may be ready to make the jump to the Major's this season and help this franchise (to be named later). 

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  1. I am glad that I am getting the right information about franchisee at right place. Hope that Perisho getting succeed about his work.

    bad franchise