Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teams Up For Grabs

AL East - Formerly based in Atlanta, this team finished just one game shy of a wild card birth last season, finishing 93 - 69. Is in one of the leagues tougher divisions, since the emergence of the Boston Patriots to go with the Huntington Yankdawgs as legit championship contenders. An experienced GM may be just what the franchise needs to help, stud pitcher, Scooter Lee. A consistent Cy Young contender and still just 27 years of age, Lee is the leader of this club and ready to bring them to the post-season.

AL South - The former Monterrey Express franchise is changing  GMs for the first time since the J5B world started 14 seasons ago. This franchise is need of some direction. They have been left out of the post season 8 straight years, though it seems like improvement could easily be made. In the last 8 years, they've finished no worse than 63-99, but no better than 78-84. With young guys like Asdrubal Santiago making up most of the ML roster and 21 year old William Barfield ready to make a ML impact in season 15, the future looks much brighter than the past with this franchise.

AL West - Mostly based out of Oakland over the life of the franchise, this team is the overall best, for anyone looking to contend right away. Making the playoffs 7 straight years and 9 of the last 10, this franchise is the home of Season 14 AL MVP - Ramon Shin & Cy Young award winner William DeJean. The best part? They aren't even the best rated players on the team. That honor goes to the likes of 26 year old, Juan Dominguez & 21 year old, Benji Rosado. Not to mention the veteran leader of the pitching staff, Benito Tejada. This team is ready to win now and is in a great position to keep it up for years to come.

AL WEST (2) - The distractions of playing in Las Vegas may be to blame for this franchises run of mediocrity over the years. Looking for a new GM for the first time in the organizations life, this team could use someone with a plan. A plan good enough to take out the former Oakland franchise (World Series champions in season 12) & defending champion, Salt Lake City. This is a great team for someone looking for a challenge. With one of the best defensive shortstops in the game today (Francisco Cedeno), number one starter Howard Truman isn't the only piece this franchise has as it tries to build toward a championship.

AL West (3) - This franchise is the closest thing J5B has to the definition of consistent. Only problem is, it has been consistently bad. But even the least experienced GM's know that with a bad major league team, comes stacked farm systems. If you want young cheap potential All-Stars to build your franchise around, this is your team. 24 year old, Geronimo Morales leads this teams ML player rater. But with guys like  Chance Daley, Ben Tam, & Vic Lopez flying through the minor league ranks, this franchise is ready to break out very, very soon.

NL East - Trying to take away the division lead from the Sox of Pawtucket is no easy task. But certainly a task worth taking on. With 4 time All-Star and former MVP, Benji Marquez leading the way, 19 game winner Octavio Martin & the power bat of Jade Scalici stand a top the player rater for this former Durham team. Oh... and don't forget about Rob O'Leary. His best years are just a head, as this 27 year old looks forward into the prime of his career.

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