Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Rochester Horrorshow Announce the Retirement of Lewis Standridge

The Rochester Horrorshow announced today that future Hall of Fame 1B Lewis Standridge has chosen to retire. The Horrorshow will give Standridge his unconditional release as a formality. Standridge's 2,500th hit and the stirring Lewis Standridge Night stand as the shining moments in this season for the Horrorshow. "We will always cherish the time Lewis spent with our team," Horrorshow management said today. "We certainly want to do right by a future Hall of Famer, and give him a chance to enjoy his retirement early than intended.


Lewis Standridge had 51 hits in 231 at-bats with ten doubles and four home runs in 79 games for the Horrorshow. The Horrorshow have promoted OF Glenn Maybin from AAA to fill the roster spot.


The Rochester Horrowshow did today deny the scurrilous rumors that they always intended to release Standridge when he accomplished his milestone 2,500th hit. "This was far from the rumored publicity ploy. We consider Lewis an important member of the Horrorshow family, and we would have been proud to see Lewis play the entire season in Rochester."


The Publicity Manager of the Rochester Horrorshow wishes to thank the Horrorshow organization for affording his the opportunity to use the word "scurrilous" in two straight press leases. He will cherish and enjoy the case of Genesee Cream Ale he won in the wager.


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