Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AL 1st half power rankings

1. Oakland Knightmare
Current record 55-33

Two words. William DeJean. This pitcher is the early CY favorite. This stud is leading the AL in ERA, Wins, WHIP, OBP, and SLG.  He's 12-1 with a 1.97 ERA. Wow. He's not the only reason the Knightmare are tops on our power rankings. The pitching as a whole are among the AL leaders in key stats and are a main reason for the teams success. But if you think that pitching is the only weapon the Knightmare bring, think again. This offense is scary good and as a whole are second in every single stat. CF Jaun Dominguez leads the AL in OBP, OPS and Walks and will be in the MVP race. Joining him is 1B Ramon Shin. He is tops in the AL in HR, and RBI. Couple those guys with Doubles machine and AL Runs leader Mark Ramsey and you can see why this team leads the list and will be a force in the AL all season.

2. Huntington yankdawgs
Current record 54-34

Offense, offense, offense. Where do you even begin? Huntington is number two on our AL power rankings only because of current record. The yankdawgs lead the AL in almost every single offensive stat: Runs, Hrs, RBI, Walks, SLG, OBP. These guys should change their name to the OPS Gang. The starting lineup reads like an All-Star lineup. DH Angel Rosado will be in the MVP race. This slugger is hitting .331 and has an 1.059 OPS with 26 HR and 68 RBI. RF Russell Hobbs is having an outstanding season. He is second in the AL in SB and Walks and has over 100 hits to go along with his AL leading 30 Doubles and is hitting .315 with a .433 OBP. We could throw out names all day: Davey Navarro, Timothy Evans, Mariano Johnson. All having solid seasons. The yankdawgs pitching staff comes at you hard and is second in the AL in Strike Outs and Wins and are led by ace Pat Kirk who is 10-2 with a 3.45 ERA. It's going to be hard to stop this team.

3. Salt Lake City Sundance Kids
Current record 52-36

Salt Lake City maybe the best all-around team in the AL. They definitely bring dominate pitching to the table. listen to this rotation: 4 time CY winner Richard O'Neill is 7-7 with a 3.01 ERA and 3 CG, Strikeout machine Louie Guapo is 8-2 witha 2.98 ERA and Richard Prieto is 9-3 with a 3.24 ERA. Unstoppable is this group. The Pitching as a whole lead the AL in major stats: ERA, WHIP, SLG, OBP and have only given up 287 ER and 713 hits, both tops in the AL. If you manage to still be in the game at the end, you have to deal with Danys Mesa who is only 16 of 17 in Saves with a 2.17 ERA. Quite a challenge. But Pitching isn't the only thing opposing teams have to worry about. This offense can hit. They can hit so good, they lead the AL in Hits and AVG, making the Kids one tough nut to crack. This team is very dangerous and commands respect. Expect this team to be in contention at the end.

4. Boston Patriots
Current record 52-36

The Patriots are a tough group of baseball players. Though they have to contend with the mighty yankdawgs as division rivals, this team is flourishing and are number 4 in our power rankings. Let's start with pitching as to why this team is successful. The staff ace Brandon Murphy is having a solid season and is 9-3 with a 2.94 ERA. The ageless Bump Milliard has 26 saves already and may be in the Fireman discussion if he lowers his ERA a bit. The pitching as a whole, though not tops in any major categories, are right up there and are solid enough to not hurt this team as the season continues. Similar story with offense. With everyone looking at Huntington's and Oakland's offensive numbers, the Pats are surprising the AL with how great they are. They are right there behind the bigs in almost all key stats. Super Stud David Manuel leads this offense hitting .318 with a .397 OBP. He is among the AL leaders in everything: Hits, Runs, Walks, SLG, OPS and has the 3rd longest hitting streak this season at 21 games. It doesn't stop there. Slugger Marino Camacho has 25 bombs and is 2nd in the AL with 82 RBI. Hit brothers Raul Tatis and Dick Hamels have 115 and 117 hits respectively, with Tatis also leading the AL with 40 SB and is hitting .300. Amazing. This team will give Huntington all they can handle.

5. Kansas City Burnt Ends
Current record 50-38

The Burnt Ends come in at number 5 in the power rankings. Though they lack a real slugger, they make up for it by hitting for AVG. Tom Nady, Gustavo Infante and Willie Alomar are all hiting above .300 and are solid. If we are talking about K.C.'s offense, then we need to talk about Cristobal "crystal ball" Terrero. he is second in the AL in AVG hitting .348 and also second with a .447 OBP. This MVP contender is among the leaders in Walks, Doubles, SLG and OPS and is the top dog on this offense which also leads the AL in Doubles and are second  with 106 Stolen Bases. Impressive. Now the Pitching. The Burnt Ends have a couple of quality starters in Mike Benard who is 6-3 with a 2.87 ERA and Howie Sosa who is 6-2 with an incredible 1.32 ERA. These guys bring it every time they are on the mound and always give K.C. a chance to win. Perhaps more impressive than the starters, are the Burnt Ends bullpen. Closer Thomas Benitez has 14 saves with a 2.79 ERA. This is only the beginning. To get to the closer, opposing teams have to face Neil Howe and his 1.71 ERA and Vinny " pass the" Ducey "on the left hand side" and his 1.93 ERA! Incredible. You had better get to this team early, or you have no shot at winning. The pitching staff as a whole are second in the AL in ERA and ER, third in WHIP and OBP and fourth in SLG. Very tough team to beat. K.C. have their hands full with div rival and number 6 on our list Chicago.

6. Chicago Death Panel
Current record 49-39

It goes to show how tough the AL is this year when a team like the Death Panel are number 6 on the power rankings. The Panel's offense ranks 3rd in the AL in many stats: AVG, SLG, OPS, HRs and doubles and are 4th in Hits. Brian Sanders is very good. This stud is hitting .329 with a .380 OBP, and leads the AL with 124 Hits. Other players are hitting excellent as well: Jamie "shannon" Dougherty is hitting .308, Vin Martin is hitting .306 and Gill Martin is hitting .300. Quite a lineup there. If this team had any kind of speed at all, they'd be unstoppable, ranking second to last in SB with only 27. But as good as the offense is, the strength of the Death Panel is their pitching. This staff leads the AL with 681 Strikeouts and are 3rd in SLG and Hits and are among the leaders in ERA, WHIP, OAV and ER. Todd Sullivan has 20 saves, 4th best in the AL. The rotation is very tough to beat. Francisco Duran is 7-3 with a 3.30 ERA. Alex Sanders is 7-4 with a 2.95 ERA. But the ace is Raymond Forbes. This flamethrower and Cy Young contender is leading the AL with 121 Strikeouts and is 11-4 with 3.51 ERA and is the main reason why Chicago is on the power rankings. K.C. cant let up at all or this team will overtake them. This team could surprise many in the AL when the post season hits.

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