Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NL 1st quarter power rankings

1. Dover Destroyers
Current record 34-15

Life is good in Dover this season. The Destroyers, coming off their first division title in Dover last season, are sitting atop the NL power rankings. Deservedly so.The Dover pitching staff is leading the NL in Wins and Strikeouts. The bullpen has been stellar so far with newly acquired Fernando Mercedes having a dominating season. He is 7-0 with a 2.81 ERA coming out of the pen. His bright light could only be shadowed by super closer and early NL Fireman Award favorite Luther Riggs, who is a perfect 18 for 18 in Save opportunities with a .52 ERA and a "don't mess with me" attitude. The Destroyers have another standout this season in Early ROY frontrunner Jose "taco" Toca who has 22 bombs and 50 RBI while hitting .289. Dover has their hands full with Div. rival and number 2 on our NL power rankings Toronto.

2. Toronto Elite Thunder Bolts
Current record 33-16

Toronto fans have every reason to be happy this season. Though the team had off year last season, the Bolts are proving it was just an anomaly, bringing back the pride the team has seen because of 90+ wins in 7 of the last 9 seasons and three straight Div crowns in seasons 10-12. The fans are loving the fact that their team are among the NL leaders in SB, Doubles, Triples, Walks, ERA, Whip, ER, Wins, and lead the NL in Saves. This formula has made the Bolts " Bad Muddas" not to be taken lightly and have been giving opposing teams headaches because of the many ways they can beat you. This team will not go quietly into the night and has put the NL on notice " We will put you on your ass, so you better bring it". Dover beware.

3. Anaheim Angels
Current record 31-18

The Angels has lived up to the Pre-season hype. Though if you ask anyone walking the streets in Anaheim, they will tell you it's business as usual. This team has won 4 straight Div. crowns and 5 straight 90+ win seasons. The strength of the Angels is their NL leading Fielding % defense and dominating pitching staff, which as a whole are leading the NL in ERA, WHIP, SLG, and OBP. Quite impressive. At the top of this staff is the three-headed monster of Al Terrero, Jimmie Wright, and Andrea James. Opposing teams can never catch a break with this rotation. Terrero is having a Cy Young caliber year. He is a perfect 8-0 and leads the NL with an amazing 1.89 ERA. He is also tops in OBP and shares the NL lead in WHIP with Wright. Wright is second only to Terrero in OBP, and has a perfect 5-0 record. And if that wasnt enough to cause opposing fans to jump off the Vincent Thomas Bridge, The Angels come at you with James who is 5-3 with a 2.25 ERA. Suicide help lines across the National League are experiencing  a higher than normal volume of calls.

4. Pawtucket Paw Sox
Current record 29-20

Pawtucket has it all. Hugh Adams is a stud. The early Cy Young favorite is kicking ass. He is an incredible NL leading 10-1 with a 2.19 ERA. Adams leads the NL with 3 complete games. But it doesnt stop there. Oh no. Weldon Hughes is solid again this year. The two-time CY winnner is 5-3 with a 3.41 ERA. Couple that with an offense that is leading the NL in AVG, OBP, Triples, Doubles, and Hits, and is second in RBI and Runs scored, and what you get is a recipe for disaster for the rest of the National League. Former 2 -time MVP and GG CF Jose Rosado is an early MVP contender again. He is flat-out raking it and leads the NL AVG (.370) amd Hits (70). He is also second in the NL in OPS and is among the NL leaders in SLG, OBP, Walks, RBI, HR, and Doubles. Rosado also has the top current hitting streak, hitting safely in the last 10 games. Despite a semi-slow start and injuries, Pawtucket has everyone's number, and won't be stopped. Look for this team to top the power rankings in the future.

5. Durham Nuke LaLoosh's
Current record 29-20

Durham is not phased at all by Pawtucket. The attitude in the clubhouse all season has been "screw Pawtucket, those bastards can write us off if they want to, but we are not afraid of the dirty Sox". SP Octavio Marin is doing his part and is a CY contender. He is 8-1 with a 2.99 ERA. He is second in the NL in IP, and Strikeouts. Marin also leads the NL with 2 Shutouts. Durhams pitching staff as a whole are with the NL leaders in ERA,WHIP, SO, and Saves. Perhaps more remarkable is the season former MVP 1B Benji Marquez is having. This stud is a MVP favorite and is first in the NL with 27 HR, 60 RBI, 46 Runs scored and is SLG .735. Marquez is 3rd in OPS and among the NL leaders in AVG, OBP,Walks, and Hits. The Nuke LaLoosh's have another weapon in Josh Ryan who has 20 SB, and is leading the NL in Triples. This team has a "die trying" attitude and will not back down from anyone. Least of all the mighty Paw Sox. Watch out.

6. Jackson BigAss Trucks
Current record 27-22

The biggest surprise in the power rankings this season are the Trucks. "We have been on nobody's radar, and we like it that way" says Cf Phillip Morgan. " we embrace the underdog label and take great joy in shoving our success down the throats of the powerhouses. The Trucks are on the map baby, no one should takes us lightly". This feeling abounds in the clubhouse, as the Trucks continue to show the NL that the rebuild is over and that Jackson is for real. The team has no real superstud allstars, but are successful by being a solid all-around team. The fans have responded as well, packing Boon Stadium every night, and causing ownership to commit to a new era of winning baseball from here on out. The Trucks are a big FA or two away from really contending but are on the right course and should be taken seriously. Nice work Sjstapleton.

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