Thursday, March 1, 2012

Season 14 NL Playoff Predictions

1. Pawtucket Paw Sox
Last seasons record- 105-57
Notable transactions
   FA signings- 2B Edgardo Torres
   Resign (via FA)- P Felipe Domingo, CF Jose Rosado
   Option pick-up- P Jose Gonzalez

The Paw Sox are poised to do it again, and are pre season favorites to win the National League. With the addition of Torres, the Paw Sox's offense should roll. Though the team is getting older, they still have what it takes with enough pitching to see them through.

Season 14 prediction- 101-61

2. Anaheim Angels
Last seasons record- 97-65
Notable transactions
   FA signings- 3B Victor Candelaria, P Jimmie Wright
   FA losses- P Felipe Melo, P Tony Rivera, P Doug Hunt
   Option pick-up- P Andrea James
   Traded for- P Al Terrero from Cheyenne

The Angels had a very busy offseason losing many notable pitchers, but with the additions of Wright and Terrero, have more than made up for it and should compete with the Paw Sox for the number 1 seed. With the addition of Candelaria at the hot corner, the Angels should improve from their 97 wins a season ago.

Season 14 prediction- 100-62

3. Richmond Flying Squirrels
Last seasons record- 87-75
Notable transactions
   FA signings- P Mike Ramsey, P Patrick Leary
   FA losses- P David Frias, 1B Benito Lopez
   Traded for- 2B Bernard Hayes from Oakland

The Flying Squirrels did not have a busy offseason, but made impact moves. Hayes should more than fill the hole at 2B and be a productive contributor. The FA additions of pitchers Ramsey and Leary should shore up the bullpen and give the Squirrels one of the better pitching staffs in the NL. The team should improve from 87 wins and achieve the number 3 seed.

Season 14 prediction- 93-69

4. Dover Destroyers
Last seasons record- 86-76
Notable transactions
   FA signings- P Fernando Mercedes, P Hub Moriarty
   FA losses- P Albert Kingsdale, P Sammy Myette
   Traded for-C Lou Clapp from Fargo, P Cody Parrish from OK City, P Stu Bryant from Rochester

The Destroyers have made many changes to the pitching staff with lots of turnover. All for the good. The addition of lefty slugger Lou Clapp should help the Destoryers improve upon their 86 wins and beat out Fargo for the number 4 seed.

Season 14 prediction- 90-72

5 Wildcard. Boise Half Horse
Last seasons record- 87-75
Notable transactions
   FA signings-P Felipe Melo
   Resign- P Matty Cruz
   FA losses- P Don Martin, LF Diego Sanchez

The Half Horse are a solid team that could be a number 4-3 seed if not for the fact that they are in the same division as Anaheim. Though they could improve their pitching, the Half Horse offense should propel them to the top WC spot.

Season 14 prediction- 90-72

6 Wildcard. Fargo Funky Flamingos
Last seasons record- 84-78
Notable transactions
   FA signings- SS Troy Norton, RF Yamil Henriquez
   Resign- P Miguel Manzanillo, C Chuck Jorgensen
   FA losses- 2B Hawk Lambert, P Patrick Leary
   Waiver claim- P Dorio Hubbard

The Flamingos signaled last season that the rebuild was over winning 84 games and earning WC honors. This season, the competition with Durham fpr the final WC spot should be intense with the Flamingos just beating them out and making the post season.

Season 14 prediction 87-75

Wildcard contenders
Durham Nuke LaLoosh's- Season 14 prediction- 86-76
Toronto Elite Thunder Bolts- Season 14 prediction- 85-77
Cheyenne Primetimers-Season 14 prediction- 85-77

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