Thursday, March 8, 2012

Season 14 AL playoff predictions

1. Salt Lake City Sundance Kids
Last season's record- 105-57
Notable transactions
   Resign- P Phil Aoki, SS Carlos Borbon, 1B Tom Nickle
   FA losses- DH Trenidad Castillo, P Rudy Matusz, 2B Cam Gutierrez
   Promoted- Darren Spencer
   Option pick-up- P Richard O'Neill
   Traded for C Mickey Orie and P Pepe Amaral from Chicago.

The Kids had a very busy offseason. Amaral should shore up an already great pitching staff. Retaining O'Neill was huge along with the promotion of Spencer. The offense, though lefty dominated, should be more than enough for this staff to win. Expect this team to be great. The Kids win total will probably drop slightly from last season because of a more competitive AL.

Season 14 prediction- 103-61

2. Huntington yankdawgs
Last season's record- 102-60
Notable transactions
   FA losses- 2B Edgardo Torres
   Promoted- 2B Heinie Ramirez, P Rico Feliz

Huntington had a quiet offseason with most transactions being handled through arbitration. While the loss of Torres is huge, the dawgs couple a young power hitting offense with a good staff. The rivalry this season with Boston will be intense and cost the yankdawgs a chance to compete for the 1 seed. The dawgs will win the div. and the number two seed at the end.

Season 14 prediction- 99-63

3. Texas Coyotes
Last season's record- 91-71
Notable transactions
   Resign-3B Lyle Pearson, P Greg Franco
   Option pick-up- P Albert Castillo

The Coyotes didnt do much this offseason, but they didnt have too. They are solid enough on offense though they lack a real power slugger and have the best pitching staff in their div. Though Jacksonville will be better this season, the Coyotes should easily win their div and the number 3 seed.

Season 14 prediction 89-73

4. Chicago Death Panel
Last season's record- 81-81
Notable transactions
   Resign- LF Tyler Fingers
   FA losses- RF Dizzy Murphy, 3B Victor Candelaria
   Promoted- Francisco Duran
   Traded for SS Kevin Smith from SLC

The loss of Candelaria will certainly hurt the Panel this year, but the trade for Simpson makes up for it. The promotion of Duran shores up the back end of this rotation and gives the Panel one of the better pitching staffs in the AL. The battle for the division and 4 seed will be one to watch this season with Chicago, K.C., and Buffalo battling it out. Though the rivalry will be intense, the Death Panel will pull away and secure the 4 seed.

Season 14 prediction- 87-75

5 wildcard. Boston Patriots
Last season's record- 96-66
Notable transactions
   FA signing- LF Pepper James
   Resign- P Bump Milliard
   Contract extension- David Manuel

The Patriots are a stacked team with good offense and pitching. If not for being in Huntington's division, this team could easily be a number 2 seed. They took care of in-house business this offseason resigning Milliard and locking up ace David Manuel for the next 3 seasons. The Pats will challenge Huntington for the division, but will just fall short at the end and will end up the top Wildcard spot.

Season 14 prediction- 98-64

6 wildcard. Oakland Knightmare
Last season's record- 90-72
Notable transactions
   Fa signing- P Karim Farr, SS Clint Hudek
   FA losses- P Jimmie Wright, 2B Joel Schofield
   Contract Extension- 1B Ramon Shin, LF Jeffrey Fitzgerald.

The Knightmare have a potent offense and good pitching and will suffer from being in SLC's division. They locked up key players Shin and Fitzgerald this offseason and brought in Farr to help stem the loss of Wright. Though they will be challenged by K.C., the Knightmare will win the final WC spot.

Season 14 prediction- 88-74

Wildcard contenders
Kansas City Burnt Ends
   Season 14 prediction- 84-79
Las Vegas Legends
   Season 14 prediction- 83-78
Buffalo Sabres
   Season 14 prediction-81-81

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