Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meet Rondo

Rondo has been a part of J5B since season 2 and won the AL North in season 9.

Name: Steve

Age: 55

Marital status: Married

Kids: No kids, 2 cats.

Occupation: Economic developer

Do you know any J5B owners: OUDrew recruited me to WIS and HBD.

Favorite HBD moment: (Only made one ML playoff and was 3 and out) Season 12-my team uses Kaufman stadium (home of the Royals) whom I am very familiar with. I've tried to put together a team of speed and gap hitters (think George Brett and Willie Wilson). Season 12 we lead J5B in 2B and Hits and was in top 3 in 3B and SB. The Royals in 2011 were in AL top 3 in 2B, 3B, and SB. I love when a plan comes together (Editor's note-that line comes from the A-Team TV show).

Favorite J5B player: Current ROY candidate Michael Garrido.

Favorite sports teams: St.Louis Cards (with the Royals gaining fast). I grew up in Central MO and followed the KC A's until they left. I switched to the Cards in 68 and the rest is history. Now living in KC, OUDrew and I have a partial season ticket package for the Royals. I look for the Royals to break .500 and be in the hunt in 2012.

Favorite band: The Beatles (watched them on the Ed Sullivan Show (Editor's note-that kicks ass)). The best concert I've seen was Paul McCartney's tour in 2010. He's still got it for a 70-year old.

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